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Totalcomp TLI Indicator
Totalcomp TLI Indicator  
Stainless steel digital weight indicator with a 6 digit, 2" LCD display with back-light. 7 mechanical multi-functional switches including: G/N, Unit, Print/M+, Tare, Zero, On/Off. Applications for: Over/Under, Animal Weighing, Counting, Accumulation. Units for: lb, kg, g, oz, lb:oz. Maximum display division is 30,000. Rechargeable battery provides up to 70hrs of continuous use (without back-light and light tower), charging LED indicator, color changing LED lights (red,green,yellow) for Over/Under and keyboard lock function. RS-232 serial port and optional LED light tower w/relay board, AC adapter and battery included. NTEP 13-090 III 6.000 div

PDF Specification Sheet
PDF User Manual

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 TLI indicator      10.00   2658   50   $288.00   
 TLI indicator w/ internal power      10.00   3307   10   $288.00   

 Light Tower      4.00   2659   25   $178.00   
 4-20ma/0-20ma Analog output   Requires 10-30VDC external power supply.   1.00   3023   47   $72.00   
 0-10VC Output board   Requires 10-30VDC external power supply   1.00   3475  Call  $75.00   

Service Parts
 AC adapter for TRWS/TWP/TLI 100-240 VAC to 12 VDC      1.00   6362M   44   $23.80   
 Front Overlay and Keypad for TLI      1.00   3359M   20   $21.00   
 Load cell connector 5 pin      1.00   6359M   90   $29.00   
 Main board for TLI      1.00   3764   21   $224.00   
 GH645 Rechargeable battery      4.00   6114   42   $39.10   
 AC adapter jack TLI      1.00   133   9   $13.60   
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