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Topload Balance Model HI and SI
Topload Balance Model HI and SI  
Hi Topload - These precision toploading balances are highly accurate, feature six keys for exceptional versatility, and can display weight in one of five units of measure. Some unique features are it's ability to display flow rate in grams per second and to withstand an overload of 10,000%. A user defined unit can be programmed for any unit of measure, such as ml for measuring volume and $ for measuring value. Each precision balance has a mode key that may be used to select either a fast or slow display update rate. This key will also lock in a displayed weight, a feature useful in continuous weighing applications. The print key may be set to transmit data instantaneously, continuously, or at selected time intervals.

SI Topload - These balances include single and dual range models, and use an economical two-key design for simplified operation. These balances also feature a "collapsible" weighing pan for outstanding durability. A special mode key on the precision balance can be used to perform a variety of functions such as conducting a simple span calibration or activating a unique hold feature that can lock in a displayed weight. This key can also initiate data transfer to a printer or computer. Data transmission can be instantaneous, continuous, or intermittent, as in once every 300 seconds.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 

HI Topload
4.75" dia Pan         
 HI410S*   410g x 0.001g   10.00   6070  Call  $1,681.82   

6.25" dia Pan
 HI4100S   4,100g x 0.01g   10.00   6071  Call  $1,548.07   

SI Topload
4.75" dia Pan         
 SI200S*   200g x 0.001g   10.00   6072  Call  $1,494.57   
 SI410D*   100g x 0.001g   10.00   6073  Call  $1,307.32   
 SI410S*   410g x 0.001g   10.00   6074  Call  $1,548.07   

6.25" dia Pan
 SI2000S   2,000g x 0.01g   10.00   6075  Call  $1,307.32   
 SI4100D   1,000g x 0.01g   10.00   6076  Call  $1,307.32   
 SI4100S   4,100g x 0.01g   10.00   6077  Call  $1,414.32   

 407914R Draftshield, 3 way glass door for 4.75" dia pan      2.00   6080  Call  $300.00   
 Dustcover      1.00   6082  Call  $29.25   

Service Parts
 407712 120VAC adapter      1.00   6066  Call  $89.70   
 409748 Supercount AC adapter      1.00   6083   1   $89.70   
 404290-01R load cell 1kg      5.00   6062  Call  $1,166.00   
 404290-02R load cell 2.5kg      5.00   6041  Call  $1,166.00   
 404290-04R load cell 12.5kg      5.00   6042  Call  $1,166.00   
 404290-05R load cell 25kg      5.00   6043  Call  $1,166.00   
 404290-06R loadcell 34 kg      5.00   6088  Call  $1,166.00   
 404290-07R load cell 50kg      5.00   6044  Call  $1,166.00   
*Cylindrical draftshield included         
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