Tips on buying a parts counting scale

Counting scales are used widely in many industries to control inventory and manufacturing. It is important to remember how to pick the correct scale.

1. Make sure you know the maximum capacity that is really needed. Counting scales come in various capacities from 1 Lb to 60 Lb. It is important for you to select the right scale. If you normally weigh 15 Lbs of components and rarely weigh 30 Lbs, do not buy a 60 Lb counting scale. Displayed resolution (sensitivity) of the higher scale will be lower and you will lose accuracy at the lower range where you do most of your work.
2. Make sure you know your piece weight. Most counting scales will ask for a sample size to do internal calculation from 5pcs.-Up to a larger number. The more pieces you put on the scale the better accuracy you get. If you have small items you should select a scale that allows you to enter the number of pieces in the sample. This will give you the best counting accuracy.
3. Try to pick a counting scale that has ACAI - Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement Technology. These scales recalculate the piece weight of the items as you put them on the scale. This makes the scale more accurate when parts vary in weight. ACAI technology will correct for variation of the piece weight.
4. If you have a wide weight range of parts, you might want to consider a counting scale that has a secondary input for a larger platform that you can use for heavy parts. It will be easy to switch from scale to “remote” or second platform for bulk weighing or counting heavier components.
5. Look for models with an internal battery. This feature is useful for mobility, you can move up and down an aisle or around a store and keep the items at their original location, rather than bringing them to the scale.
6. If you would prefer to count out of a large container when you know the pieces it contains. You can use a counting scale with such a feature. It allows you to enter the number of pieces and calculates the average piece weight according to the weight and entered pieces. In this case the counting will work backwards. Taking out will display a negative value instead of a positive value.
7. Models like the Totalcomp TCM2 are tested and configured by the manufacturer. It will be a great choice if you need a simple quick counting scale as long as you consider maximum weight and the smallest piece weight you will count on the scale.
Tips for buying a parts counting scale