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Fluid Damp Single Point Load Cell Model 9010
Fluid Damp Single Point Load Cell Model 9010  
Single point fluid damped load cell. For checkweighing, hopper and other high speed weighing applications where vibration and tare weight are concerns.

These cells are not normally in stock and must be manufactured for each order. An application and order data sheet must be completed prior to placing an order. This data sheet needs information such as live load, dead load, type of vibration, required settling time, operating temperature, conveyor dimensions, belt speed, size of weighed product, direction of travel, tare weight distribution and position, center of gravity and loading position. Simply ask for a data sheet and it will be faxed to you.

Mounting base is 92mm x 199.5mm with (4) 7.0mm dia thru holes. Height is 115mm with (2) 1/4-20 mtg holes. 2 mv/v, 0.03% nonlinearity, 415/350 ohms, 1 m 6 cond cable, anodized aluminum.

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 9010-3   3kg   8.00   4487  Call  $878.00   
 9010-5   5kg   8.00   4488  Call  $878.00   
 9010-7   7kg   8.00   4489  Call  $878.00   
 9010-10   10kg   8.00   4490  Call  $982.00   
 9010-15   15kg   8.00   4491  Call  $850.00   
 9010-20   20kg   8.00   4492  Call  $850.00   
 9010-30   30kg   8.00   4493  Call  $850.00   
 9010-50   50kg   8.00   4494  Call  $850.00   
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