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Easy-Link Wireless Communication
Easy-Link Wireless Communication  
At last a wireless system that is easy to set up. All the parameter settings and computer programming has already been done. Just connect 2 wires at the indicator and 2 wires at the remote display or printer and you are ready to communicate. Indoor systems and outdoor systems are available for most applications. Indoor systems have a range of 300 ft.
If the factory settings are not suitable for your application, we can reprogram the units for your custom application.
Each kit includes (1) Home unit, (1) Remote unit, (2) Power supplies, plug in w/6 ft cable, 120 VAC for home & remote units, (2) Cables 4 ft RS232 with pigtail ends, (1)Instruction Manual with Programming CD, (1) Cable for connecting to a computer, RS232, for programming to different specifications. Factory setup is: 2400 baud, 1 start bit, 7 data bits, odd parity, 1 stop bit, a unique system number and destination name. 120 VAC 6 watts.

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 Easy Link Wireless, indoor kit      6.00   3617   1   $390.00   

Service Parts
 Easy Link Wireless, indoor unit      5.00   3619  Call  $284.00   
 Indoor home cable 4ft RS232 w/pigtails      3.00   3622   1   $500.00   
 Indoor remote cable 4ft RS232 w/pigtails      3.00   3623  Call  $500.00   
 Power adapter 120 VAC 6ft cable, indoor      3.00   3621  Call  $500.00   
 Computer cable RS232      3.00   3624  Call  $500.00   
 Instruction Manual w/Program CD      3.00   3625  Call  $500.00   
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