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Aircraft Road Runner Platform Wheel Weigher Model AW
Aircraft Road Runner Platform Wheel Weigher Model AW  
Rugged aluminum storage case. Fast, accurate weight readings for a variety of light to medium application. Transports easily to weigh sites. Easy set up and operation in minutes. 7,500 to 60,000 lbs capacity. Using the digital indicator, operator can display the weight of each pad individually or the total of any combination of pads. Digital indicator with LCD display and up to 4 channels. Pound or kilogram readout selectable by operator. Inteconnecting cables and power cords. .7 amp circuit breaker. Tire stops. Heavy duty cast aluminum platforms w/ interlocking ramps. RS232 port for PC interface. 12VDC internal rechargeable battery w/ 30 hour operation life. 120VAC wall mount plug.

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 AW2500-3 (3) 2.5K pads      250.00   7167  Call  $8,746.00   
 AW6000/2500-3 (2) 6K/(1) 2.5K pads      405.00   7168  Call  $9,520.00   
 AW6000-3 Wheel weiher (3) 6K pads      405.00   7169  Call  $10,426.00   
 AW10000-3 Wheel weigher (2) 10K/(1) 6K      405.00   7170  Call  $10,946.00   
 AW10000-3 Wheel weigher (3) 10K pads      405.00   7171  Call  $11,173.00   
 AW15000-3 Wheel weigher (3) 15K pads      405.00   7172  Call  $12,526.00   
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