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Moisture Analyzers MF-50 and MX-50
Moisture Analyzers MF-50 and MX-50  
Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp. Four measurement programs: Standard, Automatic, timer, Manjal. Memory function for testa parameters and results. Up to 20 measurements conditions can be stored and recalled in MX-50. 10 can be stored in MF-50. Large, clear, easy to see VFD display. Plexiglass window for checking heating process. Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with date/time. ID, calibration data and check record outputs. Includes (20)sample pans, (2) pan handles, tweezers, spoon, test sample (30g of sodium tartrate dihydrate), CD-ROM (WinCT-Moisture for MX-50, WinCT for MF-50), RS232C cable for MX-50, display cover, dust cover, instruction manual, quick reference card, power cable, (2) fuses. 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 400 Watts, 5.4"W x 8.1"D x 4.4"H.

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 

2.16" dia Pan
51g x 0.001g
Percent: 100 x 0.01% 
    4522  Call  $3,630.00   
51g x 0.002g
Percent: 100 x 0.02% 
    4523   1   $2,935.00   
 ML-50   51g x 0.005g
Percent: 100 x 0.1% 
 16.00   4890  Call  $2,470.00   
71g x 0.001g
Percent: 100 x 0.001% 
 16.00   4447  Call  $5,815.00   

Service Parts
 AX-31 Sample pans (washable, 100 each)         4524  Call  $97.00   
 AX-32 Glass fiber sheet (100 each)         4525  Call  $54.00   
 AX-33 Sodium tartrate dihydrate test samples (30g x 12 each)         4526  Call  $85.00   
 AX-34 Halogen lamp (replacement)         4527  Call  $65.00   
 AX-35 Pan handles (2 each)         4528  Call  $28.00   
 AX-36 Tweezers (2 each)         4529  Call  $18.00   
 AX-37 Spoons (2 each)         4530  Call  $22.00   
 AX-38 Display covers (5 each)         4531  Call  $43.00   
 AX-39 Dust cover         4532  Call  $18.00   
 AX-42 WinCT-Moisture (std for MX-50, option for MF-50)         4533  Call  $242.00   
 AD-1700-20g Calibration Mass 20g      1.00   4360  Call  $158.00   
 AX-43 Temperature Calibration (MX-50)      1.00   4547  Call  $459.00   
 CC-MX Carry Case      1.00   4569   1   $18.00   
 PZ:3844-3852 Transformer/power supply bd MX MF      1.00   4548  Call  $232.00   
 PZ:3843-HITAR Heater relay bd MX MF      1.00   4549  Call  $124.00   
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