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Totalcomp Line Card


Brand Name Description
3M Splice kit
ACCULAB Bench Scales
Adam Balances, Scales
AND Indicators, Scales, Balances, Pocket Scale, Bench Scales, Floor Scales
API Signal conditionars
Artech Load cells
Avery Weigh-Tronix Scales
BLH Load cells, Signal conditioners
Cambridge Scale Works Scales
Cardinal Loadcells Indicators
CAS Sacles, Piece counting, Price Computing, Bench Scales,
CCI Scales
Celtron Load cells
Citizen Printers
CNcell Load cells
Coti Global Load cells
Datamax Printers
Detecto Floor Scales, Bench Scales
Diamond Load cells
Dillon Scales
Doran Floor Scales, Bench Scales
Easy Weigh Scales
Eltron Printers
Emery Scales
Epelsa Load cells
Epson Printers
Evergreen Weigh Load cells
Flintec Load cells
General Sensor Load cells
Group Four Load cells
GSE Indicators
HBM Indicators
Health o meter Scales
IDS Indicators
Intercomp Scales
Keltron Printers
LTS Scale Iift truck scales
Mark-10 Force measurement
Mettler/Toledo Scales
MTL Intrinsic safety barries
Nikkei Load cells
NMB Technologies Load cells
Ohaus Scales, Indicators, Pocket Scales, Bench Scales, Floor Scales
Penn Scale Scales
Pennsylvania Scales
RADWAG Balances, Scales
Revere Transducers Load cells
Ricelake Scales
Salter Brecknell Scales, Indicators
Sartorius Balances
Scaime Load cells
Sensortronics Load cells
Setra Load cells
Tanita Bench Scales
Tedea Huntleigh Load cells
TOR-REY Scales
Totalcomp Scales, Load cells, Indicators, Bench Scales, Floor Scales
Transcell Technology Load cells, Indicators
Troemner Weights
Tru-Test Animal scales
UTILCELL Load cells
VPGTransducers Load cells
WeighTech Indicators
Western Weighing Technologies Remote dispaly
Zebra Printers
Zemic Load cells

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