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Multi Function Weighing Indicator Model 410 & 422
Multi Function Weighing Indicator Model 410 & 422  
Preprogramed with 10 different modes of operation to accommodate most of the basic scale applications. Keys for ZERO, TARE, GROSS/NET, UNITS, PRINT, CLEAR, ITEM, +, -,

Mode 0: Normal for basic gross or net weighing.
Mode 1: Keyboard Tare for keyboard entry of tare weight for net weight calculation.
Mode 2: Accumulate w/running total for gross or net weights and running total for job, lot, etc. Calculates G,T,N totals
Mode 3: Print Weight w/Subtotal & Total for job or lot subtotal. Totalize and clear at the end of the run.
Mode 4: Manual (Axle) Weigh Push the PRINT button to sequentially number and print a series of weighments. Push Total to print and clear the total and sequence number.
Mode 5: Auto (Axle) Weigh Similar to Mode 4 except printing is automatic when motion stops. Traffic light control, trip level selection and delay times for control functions.
Mode 6: Auto Axle Weigh on Long Scales Scale is automatically tared after each weighment. Operation and controls as in Mode 5.
Mode 7: Peak Hold for display and print of the peak weight in gross or net mode.
Mode 8: Over/Under Checkweigh has (3) TTL outputs and (2) setpoints. Outputs for use with lights or alarms to indicate OVER, UNDER or BETWEEN setpoints.
Mode 9: Bulkweigh has a setpoint with remote start/stop option and fill control relay signal. Scale empty weight and draft weights are configurable. Use for multiple drafts with total and subtotal printing.
Canadian AM 5216
NTEP 96-133 III 10,000 div

PDF Specification Sheet - 410               PDF Specification Sheet - 422              

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 IDS 422 Multi Function Weight Indicator      9.00   1661   2   $870.00   
 IDS 410 Multi Function Weight Indicator w/SS enclosure      8.00   4063   1   $1,027.00   
 IDS 410HS High Speed Indicator w/SS enclosure 100 samples/second      9.00   1769  Call  $1,025.00   

 Time & Date clock option for IDS 410      8.00   4064  Call  $143.00   

Service Parts
 0110 Mainboard IDS 410/430      1.00   4092  Call  $698.00   
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