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Intrinsic Safety Barrier Model MTL
Intrinsic Safety Barrier Model MTL  
Approved by Factory Mutual, for use with 1 to 4 load cells in a clear covered polycarbonate junction box. Load cells can have resistance between 350 ohms and 800 ohms. Indicator can have excitation voltage of 10 to 20 VDC and must have remote sense ability. The Instrument Society of America (ISA) in their latest publication ANSI/ISARP12.6 defines load cells with wheatstone bridge circuits as Nonenergy Storing Simple Apparatus since it is a device which will neither generate nor store more than 1.2 V, 0.1 A, 25 mW, or 20 uJ. Simple Apparatus require no approvals when connected to certified intrinsically safe associated apparatus such as Intrinsic Safety Barriers. This means that any load cell in this catalog may be used with these Intrinsic Safety Barriers. 4 lb, 8"x8"x6"h.

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 MTL-7700 Std configuration -6 to +6 VDC      5.00   1561  Call  $1,241.00   
 MTL-7700 Optional configuration 0 to +12 VDC      5.00   1539  Call  $1,241.00   

Service Parts
 MTL-7766PAC      1.00   510  Call  $296.00   
 MTL-7764AC      1.00   511  Call  $296.00   
 MTL-7761PAC      1.00   512  Call  $296.00   
 MTL-7715+      1.00   291   2   $296.00   
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