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Crane Scale Model CS3000
Crane Scale Model CS3000  
High accuracy, using a 20 bit A/D converter gives +/-0.1% of applied load. Keyboard setup and digital calibration. Includes wireless infrared remote control for ON, Off, Zero, Tare. All electronics are shock mounted in a NEMA 4 weatherproof cast aluminum case which assures maximum protection against moisture, dust and rough usage. High visibility 1" high LCD digital readout provides easy reading of weights. Programmable display updates from 1 to 127/sec. Programmable digital filter averaging sample size 1 to 31. Display automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. Recessed push button switches allow simple trouble free operation. Power is supplied by (8) 'D" cell batteries(not included). Efficient micro controller gives up to 400 hours of battery life. Auto shut off after 5 minutes without use. Indicator lights for lb/kg, NET. Tare up to 100%. Zero up to 100%. Function keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, LB/KG, TARE, SET/DISPLAY, TARE CLEAR. Overall size 9"W x 15"D x 17"H. NTEP 97-135 Class III 500 to 2,000 lb, Class IIIL 5,000 to 70,000 lb

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 CS3000-2K - RFX   2,000 x 1lb   50.00   2660  Call  $3,995.00   
 CS3000-5K - RFX   5,000 x 1lb   73.00   2661  Call  $4,195.00   
 CS3000-10K   10,000 x 2lb   73.00   2662  Call  $4,295.00   
 CS3000-20K - RFX   20,000 x 5lb   203.00   2663  Call  $6,395.00   
 CS3000-30K - RFX   30,000 x 10lb   203.00   2664  Call  $6,895.00   
 CS3000-50K - RFX   50,000 x 10lb   220.00   2665  Call  $10,395.00   
 CS3000-70K - RFX   70,000 x 20lb   248.00   2666  Call  $13,595.00   
 CS3000-100K* - RFX   100,000 x 20lb   392.00   2667  Call  $21,995.00   

 100861 RS232 Serial output      30.00   7152   17   $239.00   
 RFX Handheld wireless indicator      4.00   6177  Call  $995.00   

Service Parts
 360105 Remote Control      1.00   3714  Call  $39.00   

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