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Counting Scale Model HC/HD
Counting Scale Model HC/HD  
High performance, affordable, great features. A version is for simple operation w/one LCD display. B version has 10-key pad for entry of tare weight, piece weight and sample size w/three LCD displays for WEIGHT, UNIT-WEIGHT, COUNT. Key functions are /TOTAL, SAMPLE, ENTER/M+PRT, MODE/RESET, ZERO, TARE. Counting resolution 1/240,000 max count 120,000. Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement. Optional rechargeable battery pack. Standard with 120 VAC AC adapter and (6) "C" batteries. Platform size 8.5" x 11.57"(HC), 11.81" x 14.96"(HD). Overall size is 12.6" x 13" x 4.65"H(HC), 16.18" x 18.5" x 4.72"H(HD)

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Tips to buy Counting Scale

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 

Detachable display head
 HD-12KA   30 x 0.005lb   26.00   3221   1   $1,040.00   
 HD-30KA   60 x 0.01lb   26.00   3222  Call  $1,040.00   
 HD-60KA   120 x 0.02lb   26.00   3223  Call  $1,040.00   
 HD-12KB w/keypad   30 x 0.005lb   26.00   3224  Call  $1,145.00   
 HD-30KB w/keypad   60 x 0.01lb   26.00   3225  Call  $1,145.00   
 HD-60KB w/keypad   120 x 0.02lb   26.00   3226   1   $1,145.00   

 HD-03 RS232 output for HD Series      1.00   3227  Call  $140.00   
 HD-04 Comparator output for HD Series      1.00   3228  Call  $175.00   
 HD-05 20ma current loop output for HD Series      1.00   3229  Call  $120.00   
 HD-06 Carrying handle for HD Series      2.00   3230  Call  $87.00   

Service Parts
 TB:662 AC adapter 120VAC   AC adapter 120VAC   1.00   1305   11   $43.00   
 TB:164 AC adapter 220VAC   AC adapter 220VAC   1.00   4612  Call  $53.00   
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