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Digital Weighing Indicator Parts
Digital Weighing Indicator Parts  
Full digital front panel calibration. NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure. Full RFI/EMI shielding to comply w/H44. Two standard separate serial outputs, either 20 ma serial current loop or 5 VDC RS232C. Tilt-stand base for desk or wall mounting. Adjustable digital averaging. Two setpoints with preact & dribble. The UMC600 has a program which will record the incoming and outgoing weights of a truck, and provide a printed record containing "Gross - Tare - Net". (300) transactions are stored each with a six (6) digit ID number. The unit can be used in any of three modes: 1. Full truck in. 2. Empty truck in. 3. Fixed tare mode. S.WA 4131 Rev 2 NTEP 00-004 III/IIIL 10,000 div

  • *UMC600-AEAC - Need external 12VDC power supply
  • Part Numbers KBT7116-11 and KBT7116-11 - 20VAC to 120VAC, 5ma to 1 amp
  • Part Number KBT7116-12 - 100DC max, 0.5 amps max, 10 VA max
  • Part Number KBT7116-17 - Requires KBT7116-16
  • Part Number KBT7116-4 - Also used on UMC444 & UMC555

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Service Parts
 KB8902A Replacement battery      3.00   963  Call  $150.00   
 KHY7237B Front panel UMC555      1.00   578   5   $51.60   
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