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Armor Braid Load Cell 4/6 Conductor Cable
Armor Braid Load Cell 4/6 Conductor Cable  
Prevent rodents from eating through load cell cable with this stainless steel armor braid. 4 Conductor 22 gage (AWG) and 6 Conductor 20 gage (AWG) stranded tinned copper. Each conductor is insulated with PVC and has a secondary nylon jacket. Next a Mylar sheath with a min of 35% overlap coverage. Shielding is tinned copper braided shield with 90% min coverage. Jacket is grey polyurethane. Armor braid is stainless steel for rodent and abrasion protection. 22 gage (AWG) resistance is 14.7 ohms per 1,000 ft. 20 gage (AWG) resistance is 10.3 ohms per 1,000 ft.
4 Cond : Black, white, red, green and shield.
6 Cond : Black, white, red, green, yellow, blue and shield.

  • 4 Conductor
    • 1 to 499ft weight is 7lb/100ft and price is 4.75/ft
    • 500ft roll price is 4.50/ft
  • 6 Conductor
    • 1 to 499ft weight is 10lb/100ft and price is 6.25/ft
    • 500ft roll price is 5.75/ft

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 

4 Conductor 22 gage (5/16" dia)
 1 to 499ft   4 conductor armor braid load cell cable per/foot   7.00   1073   180   $6.75   
 500ft roll      35.00   1074  Call  $6.65   

6 Conductor 20 gage (7/16" dia)
 1 to 499ft   6 conductor armor braid cable per/foot   10.00   1665   51   $7.45   
 500ft roll      50.00   1666  Call  $7.35   
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