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Stainless Steel Low Profile Bench/Floor Scale Model Defender 5000
Stainless Steel Low Profile Bench/Floor Scale Model Defender 5000  
Stainless steel washdown base. Stainless steel pan and painted steel form and weld frames. ABS plastic indicator enclosure. Ideal for production, packaging and general commercial and industrial weighing applications where full washdown protection is required. Weighing units and modes to meet the requirements of industrial and lab applications. Four rugged adjustable feet to prevent slippage on wet or uneven surfaces. 6 digit, 7 segment bright white backlit LCD. Weighing units: lb. oz, lb:oz, kg, g, tonnes, custom unit. Front panel switches are ON/OFF/ZERO, PRINT/UNITS, FUNCTION/MODE, TARE/MENU. Application modes: Counting, Percent Weighing, Dynamic/Animal Weighing, Checkweighing, Display Hold. RS232 interface with GMP/GLP data output including date and time. Optional interfaces include DC relay control kit. AC relay control kit, 2nd RS232 and RS422/485. 100-240 VAC 60Hz.
NTEP 08-039 III Indicator
NTEP 01-048 III Base, square
NTEP 99-203 III Base, rectangle

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
12" x 12" Platform         
 D51P10QR5 Paint square   25 x 0.002lb   68.30   7378  Call  $1,995.00   
 D51P25QR5 Paint square   50 x 0.005lb   94.80   7379  Call  $2,153.00   

18" x 18" Platform
 D51P50QL5 Paint square   100 x 0.01lb   94.80   7380  Call  $2,153.00   
 D51P100QL5 Paint square   250 x 0.02lb   94.80   7381  Call  $2,205.00   

24" x 24" Platform
 D51P250QX5 Paint square   500 x 0.02lb   94.80   7382  Call  $2,205.00   

12" x 14" Platform
 D51P15HR5 Paint rectangle   30 x 0.005lb   114.60   7383  Call  $2,678.00   
 D51P30HR5 Paint rectangle   60 x 0.01lb   114.60   7384  Call  $2,678.00   
 D51P60HR5 Paint rectangle   150 x 0.02lb   114.60   7385  Call  $2,678.00   

15.7" x 19.7" Platform
 D51P60HL5 Paint rectangle   150 x 0.02lb   54.00   7386  Call  $1,482.00   
 D51P100HL5 Paint rectangle   250 x 0.05lb   54.00   7387  Call  $1,482.00   

16.5" x 21.7" Platform
 D51P150HX5 Paint rectangle   300 x 0.05lb   65.00   7388  Call  $1,558.00   
 D51P300HX5 Paint rectangle   600 x 0.1lb   65.00   7389  Call  $1,738.00   
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