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Weighing Indicator Model 4402
Weighing Indicator Model 4402  
Multiple sequences & functions for filling, mixing, timing functions can be pre-programmed in this unit. Stores 100 sets of ingredient data, 100 sets of recipe codes. Select from 50 functions for each of 11 control inputs and 11 control outputs. 100 times per second high speed sampling. Compact DIN table or panel mounting. Standard RS485 communication for up to 32 units. Option cards for CC Link, Device Net & Profibus.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 AD-4402 Batching Network Indicator      5.00   5521   2   $2,050.00   

 AD-4402-01 Parallel BCD output-open collector      1.00   5522  Call  $425.00   
 AD-4402-02 Relay output      1.00   5523   2   $425.00   
 AD-4402-03 RS422/485 serial output      1.00   5524  Call  $425.00   
 AD-4402-04 RS232 serial putput      1.00   5525  Call  $425.00   
 AD-4402-05 Parallel I/O      1.00   5526  Call  $425.00   
 AD-4402-07 Analog 4-20ma output      1.00   5527  Call  $552.00   
 AD-4402-20 CC link interface      1.00   5528  Call  $740.00   
 AD-4402-21 Device Net interface      1.00   5529  Call  $1,100.00   
 AD-4402-22 Profibus interface      1.00   5530  Call  $1,040.00   
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