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MKII Weighing Indicator Model 4322A
MKII Weighing Indicator Model 4322A  
10 key pad for easy tare entry. 100 I.D.code (8 digit) memory information blocks that contain Tare, Comparator limits, running code total weight and number of weighing events for each separate coded item. 50 tare weights can be stored in memory by I.D. number. Full Digital Calibration (FDC) for easy setting of zero and span. Digital linearization function to compensate for non- linearity of load cells. Will switch from lb to kg at the press of a button. Standard 20 ma serial output. Digital filter with four settings for everything from high speed automated weighing to animal weighing. Waterproof keyboard makes this indicator very useful in a variety of environments. Optional built in printer. Panel mount, desk top or wall mount. Twin displays. One display for weight, other for parameter setting, optional time and date. Peak hold circuit, built in comparator, complete RFI protection. NTEP approved Truck Scale program for general applications and Weigh- In, Weigh-Out usage. S.WA 4315 NTEP 89-037 III/IIIL 10,000 div.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 AD-4322A MKII Basic indicator      10.00   1574  Call  $1,365.00   
 AD-4322A MKII-08 Indicator w/printer      11.00   1680   1   $1,770.00   

 AD-4322-01 Parallel BCD output open collector      1.00   1575   7   $271.00   
 AD-4322-01A Parallel BCD output TTL levels      1.00   1929   2   $399.00   
 AD-4322-02 Setpoint interface      1.00   1771   1   $151.80   
 AD-4322-04 Serial output (RS232/current output)      1.00   1576  Call  $239.00   
 AD-4322-07 Analog output 4-20ma      1.00   1577  Call  $249.00   
 AD-4322-08 Built in printer      1.00   1578   3   $405.00   
 AD-4322-09 Digital clock (time & date) for use w/printer      16.00   1579  Call  $350.00   
 AD-4322-10 Panel mount kit      1.00   1109   2   $129.00   
 AD-4322-11 Wall mount kit      1.00   1110   1   $59.00   

Service Parts
 JM:NJC-207-PF Load cell connector      1.00   642   4   $53.00   
 JM:NJC-207-RM Connector w/flange for rear panel      1.00   474   1   $15.00   
 WP:PP129-28A Thermal paper for printer, pack of (6)      1.00   1750   2   $27.00   
 01:A39844 Keysheet overlay      4.30   65  Call  $1,343.00   
 PZ:2082 Main board for AD4322A MKII      1.00   1552   1   $909.00   
 Maintenance manual      1.00   665  Call  $39.00   
 OPT-01 BCD open collector      1.00   1575   7   $271.00   
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