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Analytical Balance Model XA
Analytical Balance Model XA  
Measurement reliability and accuracy is assured by internal calibration triggered by time flow or temperature conditions. Balances are equipped with spacious weighing chamber with automatically open side glass doors. 5.7" touch screen color graphic display. Infrared proximity sensors for: PRINT, TARE, Opening weighing chambers, Sensors' sensitivity adjustment. Data exchange through USB storage devices for: export weighing data, export/import databases, export/import balance settings, exchanging data between balances. Counting pieces, filling, animal weighing, density determination, check weighing, percentage. Statistics. Formulation. Air Buoyancy correction. Under hook weighing. GLP procedures. Infrared sensors. Comparative weighing. Pipette calibration. Communication interfaces: Ethernet, RS232, (2) USB ports, (2) in/out. 230 VAC. 27"W x 16"D x 19"H.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
3.34" dia Pan         
 XA52/Y   52 x 0.01mg   11.00   7605  Call  $2,530.00   
 XA110/Y   110 x 0.01mg   11.00   7606  Call  $2,780.00   
 XA210/Y   210 x 0.01mg   10.00   7607  Call  $1,440.00   
 XA82/220/Y   82/220 x 0.01/0.1mg   10.00   7608  Call  $1,555.00   

3.93" dia Pan
 XA100/Y   100 x 0.1mg   8.00   7609  Call  $1,130.00   
 XA160/Y   160 x 0.1mg   8.00   7610  Call  $1,250.00   
 XA220/Y   220 x 0.1mg   8.00   7611  Call  $1,310.00   
 XA310/Y   310 x 0.1mg   8.00   7612  Call  $1,335.00   
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