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Secura Analytical Balance
Secura Analytical Balance  
Easy, reliable weighing in regulated areas. The new operating concept of Secura? will noticeably ease your daily workload during weighing and, its APC function ? Advanced Pharma Compliance ? will relieve you from tedious and time-consuming documentation and monitoring tasks. Touch screen with Sartorius graphical user interface optimized for users in pharmaceutical laboratories always correctly leveled with Sartorius LevelControl. Special lab applications such as Mixing, Components, Statistics and Conversion; plus standard lab applications such as Weighing, Density, Percentage, Checkweighing, Peak Hold, Counting and Unstable Conditions. Regulatory Compliance with expert support. Intelligent, optoelectronic level sensor with alarm function and interactive user guidance for reliable and safe leveling.

PDF Specification Sheet

 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 SECURA1102-1S   1100 x 10mg   12.00   7161  Call  $2,340.00   
 SECURA224-1S   220g x 0.1mg   12.00   7150  Call  $4,450.00   
 SECURA124-1S   120g x 0.1mg   12.00   7154  Call  $4,015.00   
 SECURA513-1S   510g x 1mg   12.00   7155  Call  $3,345.00   
 SECURA313-1S   310g x 1mg   12.00   7156  Call  $2,670.00   
 SECURA213-1S   210g x 1mg   12.00   7157  Call  $2,455.00   
 SECURA5102-1S   5100g x 10mg   12.00   7158  Call  $3,460.00   
 SECURA3102-1S   3100g x 10mg   12.00   7159  Call  $3,010.00   
 SECURA2102-1S   2100g x 10mg   12.00   7160  Call  $2,785.00   

 YDP-20 OCE Printer      3.00   7286  Call  $1,190.00   
 YDP-40 Standard printer      3.00   7287  Call  $950.00   
 YRB11Z Battery kit      2.00   7288  Call  $610.00   
 YCC04-D09 USB Data cable      1.00   7289  Call  $57.00   
 YCC03-D09 USB /RS232 cable      1.00   7290   1   $57.00   
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