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Quintix Analytical Balance
Quintix Analytical Balance  
Sartorius teamed up with lab users to develop the user interface of the new Quintix. Lab users number one priority was to ensure easy, intuitive operation without having to read the manual first. Chemically resistant finish of the housing for the easiest cleaning ever. Quintix comes standard with convenient, built in applications for: Mixing, Components, Statistics, Checkweighing, Density, Weighing, Conversion, Peak Hold, Unstable Conditions, Percentages, Counting. Analytical draft shield chamber with doors that glide open smoothly for fatigue free weighing. All panels can be individually cleaned or exchanged. IsoCAL, fully automatic, temperature and time controlled internal calibration and adjustment. Mini USB port.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Available   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 Quintix-124-1S   120g x 0.1mg   12.00   7477  Call  $3,550.00   
 Quintix-224-1S   220g x 0.1mg   12.00   7478  Call  $4,020.00   
 Quintix-213-1S   210g x 0.001g   11.00   7479  Call  $2,100.00   
 Quintix-313-1S   310g x 0.001g   11.00   7480  Call  $2,245.00   
 Quintix-513-1S   510g x 0.001g   11.00   7481  Call  $3,040.00   
 Quintix-612-1S   610g x 0.01g   9.00   7482  Call  $1,775.00   
 Quintix-1102-1S   1100g x 0.01g   9.00   7483  Call  $2,010.00   
 Quintix-2102-1S   2100g x 0.01g   9.00   7484  Call  $2,245.00   
 Quintix-3102-1S   3100g x 0.01g   49.00   7585  Call  $1,442.05   
 Quintix-5102-1S   5100g x 0.01g   9.00   7486  Call  $3,080.00   
 Quintix-5101-1S   5100g x 0.1g   9.00   7487  Call  $1,775.00   
 Quintix-5100-1S   5100g x 1.0g   9.00   7488  Call  $1,420.00   


 Universal power module 100-240V      1.00   7489  Call  $144.00   
 YDP20-OCE Statistical data printer w time & date      3.00   7286  Call  $1,190.00   
 6906918 Ink ribbon for YDP20-OCE      1.00   7507  Call  $37.00   
 YDP40 Standard thermal printer      3.00   7287  Call  $950.00   
 YRB112 Rechargeable battery      2.00   7288  Call  $610.00   
 YDK03 Specific gravity kit      2.00   7509  Call  $900.00   
 YDK04 Specific gravity kit for Top Loader      2.00   7511  Call  $790.00   
 YCC03-D09 USB to RS232 cable      1.00   7290   1   $57.00   
 YCC04-D09 USB data cable      1.00   7289  Call  $57.00   
 6960SE01 Analytical base cover      1.00   7633  Call  $45.00   
 6960SE02 Top Load base cover      1.00   7634  Call  $43.00   
 6960SE03 Dust cover for Analytical chamber      1.00   7635  Call  $33.00   
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