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Newest Products
Totalcomp NTEP Floor Scale

Totalcomp TPR Pallet Jack

Totalcomp NTEP Floor Scale TPR Pallet Jack
· Rugged, Heavy duty, blue checkered tread deck.
· NTEP 10-081 III
· Load cells are 3 mv/v, 350 ohm single ended shear beams.
· Swivel feet.
· side access stainless steel summing boxes.
· 20ft 4 cond cable to indicator.
· 10,000 div.
· Fast and easy to use.
· 6 function keys: M+, G/N, TARE, ZERO, ON/OFF
· Weighing Units: 1b/kg
· Rechareable battery for up to 30hrs of continuous use.
· White LCD backlit display.
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Totalcomp TLI Indicator

Totalcomp TRWS Indicator

Totalcomp TLI & Light Tower Totalcomp TRWS Indicator
· Stainless Steel Construction.
· 6 digit, 2" LCD Display with back-light.
· 7 function keys: G/N, UNIT, PRINT/M+, TARE, ZERO, ON/OFF
· Applications for: Over/Under, Animal Weighing, Counting, Accumulation.
· Units for: lb, kg, g, oz.
· Rechargeable battery for up to 70hrs (without back-light/light tower)
· RS232 serial port
· Optional light tower.
· Stainless Steel Construction.
· 6 digit, LCD display.
· 6 function keys: UNIT, PRINT, G/N, TARE, ZERO, ON/OFF.
· Units for: lb, kg, g, oz, tj, hj.
· Internal counts: 600,000.
· Rechargeable battery provides up to 35 hours use.
· RS232 serial port.
· Max div 30,000.
· IP65 watertight.
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LC:4102-K010 (Scale HW-10KA2)
ZM1001 (+, -, X, Y, Z)
CS31-0001 Battery operated indicator